Welcome to Colorado Pack Goats!

We are a family run hobby consisting of a married couple JW and Sarah and our 3 year old daughter Kallie. Our farm is located in Eaton Colorado.  We have a small herd that we are very personal with and spend a great deal of time enjoying their company. We have packed with horses our entire adult lives. Recently we have decided that our adventurous daughter and not so kid friendly horses did not mix well. We parted with the horses and found a hole in our lives and empty paddocks on our property. After an 8 mile hike without assistance we came across pack goats, and quickly added them to our lives! Kallie will regularly crawl into their paddocks and spend hours mingling out with the herd. We are excited about this venture and being able to again explore the mountains without carrying all of our gear and daughter while spending time with some amazing animals!

Our property is shared with several Rottweilers and a rabbit herd as well. We have been successfully raising Rottweilers for work, show and companionship for 5 years and rabbits for show for over 25 years. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to produce and raise animals to fit a specific purpose, structure and mind.