Pack Goats for Sale in Colorado

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in one of our Colorado Pack Goats’ Goats.

We will have several purebred, but mostly mixed breed goats available. We have combinations of Saanen, Alpine, Oberhasli, Toggenburg (small percentages), Lamancha and Kiko goats with keeping pack goat structure and ability in mind. We have carefully chosen our breeding does for size, structure and temperament, our does also pack with us. The bucks that we use are young bucklings that will be castrated and used in the pack string in coming years.

Please see our males and females pages for pictures and information on the parents of our babies.

Our kids will be raised by their mothers, for optimal health and growth. We believe there is nothing better for the animals than the nature of mothers mothering their young. We have a very friendly and social herd and spend ample time playing with our babies for a healthy human animal bond. We find that our non-bottle fed babies are quieter animals as well.

We will be leaving horns on our kids unless contacted early and making a deposit on a kid to be dis-budded.

We have a sliding price range on babies, with weanlings being the most affordable starting at $300. The longer the kids stay with us, the more we will train them to lead, pick up feet, wear packs, etc. and their price will reflect. Adults may occasionally be available. There is also the option of purchasing your goat with accessories such as goat leads, training packs, etc. that will fit your goat and allow you to hit the trails right away (keep in mind, goats will not be able to carry full weight until they are mature at 3+ years, baby packs can be used to carry a map, water bottle, lunch etc.).

Our herd is tested free of CAE/CL/Johne's. All babies will be properly vaccinated, wormed, and coccidiosis prevention treated.

Confirmed Pregnancies

***Please contact us if you would like to be put on our list for a coming due baby***

Doe Buck Due Date
Saturn Oberhasli Buck 3/2/2022
Cajeta Oberhasli Buck 3/2/2022
Romance Saanen Buck 3/15/2022
Leah Mitch 4/5/2022
Obee Boer Buck 4/24/2022
Luxe Mitch 4/18/2022
Layla Nigerian Buck 4/30/2022
Anna Mitch 5/9/2022

Pending Confirmation Breedings
Bow Dell 5/19/2022
Mars Mitch 5/20/2022
Blackie Dell 5/23/2022
Liz Dell 5/24/2022
Mama Dell 5/28/2022

Kids Available

None available at this time

Adults Available

None available at this time