Colorado Pack Goats Dell II


 69% Alpine / 6% Toggenberg / 25% Oberhasli
DOB 3/28/2019
Height: 30.5 @ 2yr 8 mo
Weight: 120 # @ 2yr 8 mo
Newborn Dell II! 

Dell was born during our house addition, so did
not get bottle fed, but did get some early
interaction.  He turned into a very naturally friendly
boy, who is social and confident.  He had an
incredible growth rate and quickly caught up to
his flock mates that were a couple of months older
than him.  His wonderful natural temperament,
size, growth rate and beauty made him an easy
choice for our 2023 pack goat baby sire.  We will
keep him intact at least through the spring, but
he may sire our 2024 babies as well!

50% Lamancha / 50% Kiko
DOB May 2021
Weight: 140# @ 12 months
Height: 32" @ 12 months